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Swan Children with Erin Wilson-Boget

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Location: Keys To Manifestation, 809 Center Street, Suite 7A, Lansing, MI 48906

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Have you heard of the children of Llyr? Or the terrible story of Leda? The myth of a maiden who turns into a swan exists in some form throughout much of continental Europe as well as children who are turned into birds. We will be looking at and discussing the concept of birds as shamanistic totems from the motif of children turned into birds (i.e.), swan maidens like Leda, the Valkeries, etc. We will contemplate the idea of the swan or goose as powerful totems while looking at the connection through myth with spinning and sewing, magical acts in their own right. Listen to Swan Lake and plan on joining us.

Erin Wilson-Boget is a shamanic priestess and follower of Odin and Hecate. She has many years of practice working in the Other World.

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