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The Rabbit Shuffle with Clarity Trü

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January 22, 2023, 3pm, in-store only.
The Rabbit Shuffle: Introduction to Cardology With this class, you will be introduced to an esoteric science that, The Order of Magi, has kept hidden; Cardology. Learn the history, break down the symbolism of the playing cards & learn the karmas of life. Participants will discover their Sun Card, learn the collective energy for 2023, year of the Rabbit, and get a chance to decode with the Grand Solar Squares. You will also receive class materials.
Clarity Trü has been practicing esoteric crafts for well over a decade. Studying since childhood, her love of astronomy led to metaphysics. Within her personal library, there are topics of astrology, numerology, ancient scripts, and various divinations. During the pandemic, she was initiated through "The Seven Thunders" and began her practice of Cardology (i.e., playing cards). With her metaphysical knowledge & clairvoyance, this 2…︀ aims to bring clarity to decoding your life."
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