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F*cks to Give by L.T. Jenness

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ISBN 978-1-7363579-2-7 Down to your last f*ck? Journal your way to more. We've all had those days: your car breaks down, your computer's stuck on auto-update, and your BFF put out the Do Not Disturb sign. As if that weren't enough, the world seems like one big dumpster fire. No wonder you have zero f*cks left to give. But the world isn't a complete waste; all is not lost. Journal your way back to gratitude and giving a sh*t with F*cks to Give. Guided by prompts and inspired by quotes and tips from serious bad*sses, you'll find at least 201 reasons why your life and the rest of the world despite everything aren't as bad as they seem. L.T. Jenness found herself completely out of f*cks in late 2018. But thanks to kind people friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, and strangers she was able to find lots of reasons to give a sh*t again, and figured she should pay it forward. She lives, writes, and edits in Atlanta, Georgia, and has too many cats.
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