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Celtic Goddess Brigid Necklace

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1 1/8" diameter, lead-free pewter, comes with cord. Cast in Lead-free, Kid-Safe, Pewter in the USA by skilled American Crafts People. Probably the clearest example of the survival of an Early Celtic Goddess into Christian times is Brigid, the great Triple Moon Goddess and Goddess of Wisdom. The Christians converted Brigid to Saint Bridget, calling her the human daughter of a druid, and claiming she was baptized by St. Patrick. The ancient Brigid had three manifestations, the Goddess of Smithcraft, Poetry and Inspiration for Artists, and the Goddess of Healing, Medicine and Fertility. Today little is left of the legends of the greatest of all Celtic goddesses, a deity so intensely feminine that no man was allowed to pass beyond the hedge surrounding her sanctuary. A unique double sided design from a Holly Bird drawing, actualized by Pepi, Cast in Lead-free Hallmark brand Pewter by American Crafts persons in the USA. Copr 1980s.
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