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Make and Take Miniatures with David Thornburg

Time: to
Location: Keys To Manifestation, 809 Center Street, Suite 7A, Lansing, MI 48906

Purchase tickets here for $15.

Come learn the basics of painting miniatures for tabletop gaming, display, altars, and more!

Painting miniatures is the hobby you never knew you needed. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come and try their hand at it, regardless of experience or perceived artistic ability. This class will go over some basic techniques that can have your miniatures looking great with minimal effort.

This class is perfect for anyone who’s ever thought about getting into the hobby, but was intimidated by the cost or overwhelmed with information. It’s also perfect for people who have never thought of it before, but enjoy painting and expressing themselves through art.

Each person in the class will get a kit that includes everything needed to get started, including some miniatures for you to paint. And the kit goes home with you so you can continue painting at home. The miniatures in the kit are 28-32mm scale, or the “standard” size for D&D.

There are a few Norse gods miniatures available for an additional $3.00 each. They are very limited so please limit one per person. There are 2 each of Odin, Thor, Tyr, Frigga, Loki, and Heimdall. First come, first served, cash only.

David Thornburg is a lifelong nerd who got into D&D and other RPGs about 5 years ago. Shortly after, he started painting miniatures, and despite shaky hands and bad eyesight, he loves every minute of it.

Every Sunday we gather in-person to learn new things and share knowledge and experience in our Sunday School for Witches workshop series. If we don’t have anybody else on the schedule, Solinox Silverstar will do an impromptu workshop on a topic of choice! Click on the links below to purchase tickets ahead of time, or you can purchase tickets in the store the day of class.

Do you have some skill or knowledge in the Craft or your pagan tradition that you would like to share with the community? Contact us today to get on the schedule!

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