Wicca For Life by Raymond Buckland


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With the understanding of what Witches really are, this book studies the make-up of a Wiccan’s life, from birth to death, showing it as a model on which to build one’s own life. It shows how positive energies are used to promote health and happiness, in the Witches themselves and in others….

By basing your whole life on the tenets of Wicca, you can develop lasting relationships that are filled with love. You can make use of ages-old magic to meet your goals and to create your own reality. This does not necessarily involve working complicated rituals, as in the ancient mysteries of Greece and Rome, for Wiccan rituals are simple and straightforward. The Witches of old were ordinary, common people. The tools they used and the rites they performed were of the simplest means, yet they were extremely effective. In this book, you will be shown how to make those tools and how to perform those rites. There is nothing here that the average person cannot do. It is a magic that has endured because it is so basic — and works so well.

— Introduction, Wicca For Life

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