West Country Wicca by Rhiannon Ryall


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“My reason for writing this book is because no one from the pre-Gardnerian days has written an account of the Old Religion of that time. I was taught in the 1940s, before Gerald Gardner or Alex Sanders had written their books; indeed, I was unaware of the existence of their writings for many years. I feel now that what I was taught may be of interest to those involved with present day Wicca, perhaps simply as a curiosity from long ago, or perhaps with the thought of adopting some of the rituals of that time. I hope that my account of the Old Religion as it existed then will be able to add something of value to the practice of the Craft today and that the simple wisdom from those days will continue to live on in the rituals of the future.” — Rhiannon Ryall

“West Country Wicca¬†is a real gem — it is the best book on Witchcraft I have ever seen! Thank you Rhiannon for sharing your path with us.” — Marion Weinstein

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