Turning of the Wheel by Stanley J.A. Modrzyk


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Weiser 1993

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For Wiccans of many paths as well as for creative ritualists of others, Turning of the Wheel is an invaluable resource, a complete Book of Shadows with rituals designed for groups as well as the solitary practitioner. Rituals that celebrate the New Moon, Full Moon, and the eight festivals commemorating the Turning of the Wheel of Life are included in their entirety. Author Stanley Modrzyk, founder and High Priest of the First Temple of the Craft of W. I. C. A., not only presents alternative versions of rituals for the lunar and sabbat cycles, he also comments on differences, encouraging experimentation, modification, and change so that Wiccan groups from varying orientations will find this book helpful in ritual development. Invocations, meditations, and ideas can be adapted from this material for use in groups or alone.

In her foreword to the book, Selena Fox, High Priestess for the Circle, the large Wiccan and nature religion clearing house in the country, writes, “This book is a reflection of the creative spirit and honoring of Nature’s cycles that are central to Wiccan spirituality. May it stimulate more sharing of rituals among Wiccans … and may it aid both newcomers and long time practitioners in their own practices of attuning to the sacred rhythms of the Moon, Sun, and planet Earth.”

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