Tree of Gratitude


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This unique and interactive calendar encourages the cultivation of a daily practice of gratitude. Thirty removable daily prompts encourage you to reflect and record your gratitude for the day. Then hang the prompt on a beautiful freestanding tree of life. As you open each window containing the day’s prompt, you’ll find an inspirational quote about gratitude to help motivate you throughout your day.

BUILD BETTER HABITS: It takes 30 days to form a habit, making the 30 removable prompts in this interactive format the perfect way to develop a gratitude practice.
DECOR AND MORE: As the beautifully designed daily prompts are added to the intricate tree, they create a lovely decoration for a desk or tabletop and are a delightful reminder to be thankful.
GIFT OF GRATITUDE: This is the perfect gift for mindfulness practitioners and anyone hoping to cultivate gratitude.

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