Third Eye Chakra Necklace


1.25″ long, 0.75″ wide. Comes with 36″ cord and informational card.

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TheĀ Ajna or Third Eye Chakra is located between the eyebrows, inside the forehead. Its name means “to guide,” “to perceive,” and “to know.” The SanskritĀ mantra letter in the center of the chakra is “Ksham.” To it belong the element of light, and the colors purple and indigo. It holds a higher and inner vision, and a higher understanding of what we see like a deep intuition. It knows the entire universe so intimately that the barrier between the self and the cosmos dissolves, and a human being can cut through the illusion of duality. An open third eye can let a person live moment-by-moment, responding only to what they see in the present. A closed Third Eye can make a person less fluid in every way. Looking, they will not see.

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