The Rites of Brigid by Sean O Duinn OSB


ISBN 978-1-85607-483-4

The Columba Press 2005

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Goddess and Saint

February 1st was the feast of Imbolg in the old Celtic year and it marked the beginning of Spring. It was Christianized eventually and adapted as the Feast of St. Brigid. A large variety of customs and traditions are still associated with the feast till this day, many of which date back to the pagan Celtic days.

In this book, Sean O Duinn OSB, collects these rites and rituals, describes them, and shows their relevance at various stages in history and today. He also identifies the places and areas associated with particular customs and traditions.

Sean O Duinn OSB is a monk of Glenstal and author of Where Three Streams Meet (The Columba Press).

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