The Gothic Tarot by Joseph Vargo


Boxed Set of 78 Cards, size 3″x5″, with 24-page instruction booklet
ISBN: 978-0-9675756-2-1

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Joseph Vargo’s critically acclaimed and best-selling Tarot deck offers a host of gargoyles, vampires, ghosts, and dark angels that give this ancient oracle a unique Gothic flair. All of the Major and Minor Arcana are included in this set of 78 cards, and every card features a unique and original illustration depicting Vargo’s gothic interpretation of the traditional Tarot. Cards are rendered in full color with exquisite detail on heavyweight glossy card stock. Included is a small booklet providing definitions and an easy-to-use pictorial guide of Tarot spreads with instructions for readings. For more in-depth meanings and more card spreads, get the full-length Compendium.

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