The Gospel of Thomas by Marvin Meyer


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Harper Collins, First Edition, 1992

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Religion / Bible

“Thomas tells us more about the historical Jesus than all of the Dead Sea Scrolls put together. A superb presentation of the most important early Christian text discovered in this century.” — JOHN DOMINIC CROSSAN, author of The Historical Jesus

“Combines a very readable style with an up-to-date introduction, transcription, translation, notes, and bibliography. The notes alone provide the best available commentary on the one hundred and fourteen sayings, explaining many otherwise obscure passages and supplying many ancient parallels that support these interpretations.” — JAMES M. ROBINSON, general editor, The Nag Hammadi Library

“This lucid rendering restores the Coptic script to literature and wisdom. After Meyer’s version, it remains an odd affront to faith and truth not to include the account of the wise man Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas as the fifth gospel in The New Covenant.” — WILLIS BARNSTONE, professor of comparative literature, Indiana University

“A fresh, sparkling translation. It is true to the Coptic text and fully informed by the most recent critical scholarship on the earliest traditions of the teachings of Jesus. Brief notes of exceptional quality explain idiomatic features of the text, and Meyer’s excellent introduction makes this gospel come alive.” — BURTON L. MACK, author of The Lost Gospel: The Book of Q and Christian Origins

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