The Goddess Within by Woolger & Woolger


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Ballantine 1989

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A Guide to the Eternal Myths that Shape Women’s Lives

Suppressed long ago by patriarchal societies and Christianity, the idea of the feminine played a powerful role in ancient mythology and religion. The notion that these goddesses — Athena, Aphrodite, Demeter, Artemis, Hera, and Persephone — are also symbolic of characteristics that are found in individual women is once again gaining in popularity. The goddess archetypes validate women for what they are, not what society has told them they should be, and, as such, are a source of freedom and understanding that can be tapped by any woman, no matter the life path she has chosen.

Now, Gestalt and Jungian psychologists Jennifer and Roger Woolger have written a fascinating guide to the goddess qualities that live within us all. Based on ten years experience conducting workshops on goddess psychology, The Goddess Within is a fascinating exploration of how applying this dynamic approach to your life can enrich your self-knowledge, free you from unfair expectations, and help you navigate the turning points in your life by understanding which goddess type is coming to the fore.

Most important, the Woolgers emphasize the need for harmony among the various goddess qualities: to allow one goddess to dominate the personality is to deny the richness that having all the goddesses in balance can give your life.

Wonderfully affirming, profound in its implications, The Goddess Within helps restore the feminine to its rightful place in the modern consciousness and offers every woman the unique opportunity to learn more about her own power to transform herself.

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