The 21 Lessons of Merlyn by Douglas Monroe


ISBN 0-87542-496-1

Llewellyn, First Edition, Thirteenth Printing, 2000

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Arthurian Legend / Magic / Male Mysteries

“You must learn to see not only with your eyes, but with your spirit as well, for this is my way … the way of the Druids!” — Merlyn to young Arthur in The 21 Lessons of Merlyn

The Complete Course in Authentic Celtic Druidism

For those with an inner drive to touch genuine Druidism — or who feel that the love of King Arthur touches them personally — The 21 Lessons of Merlyn will come as an engrossing adventure and psychological journey into history and magic. Here is a masterful reconstruction of Celtic Mythology and Arthurian Legend combined into a program of practical instruction in Mythical Thinking and Magical Techniques.

The 21 Lessons of Merlyn is a complete introductory course in Celtic Druidism, packaged within the framework of 21 authentic and expanded story-lessons. These stories depict the training and initiation of the historic “King” Arthur by the authentic Merlyn-the-Druid, one of the last great champions of Paganism whose intercession within the dawning age of Christianity helped shape the mystically powerful and unique form of the Christian Church in the British Isles.

Each story is followed by a detailed ritual application of the key concept behind Merlyn’s lesson. As you follow Arthur’s apprenticeship from his first encounter with Merlyn in the woods at Tintagel, through his battles and vision quests, to his anointing as Priest-King of Britain at Stonehenge, you will be studying your own program of Druid teachings based on the actual, never-before-published 16th-century manuscript entitled The Book of Pheryllt.

  • You will learn practical founding principles of authentic Druidism
  • You will receive clear and detailed instruction in Druid rituals only mentioned elsewhere in Celtic lore
  • You will experience authentic Druidism based upon history rather than fantasy
  • You will open doors to entirely new realms of perceptual experience and insight
  • You will, if you dare, actually manipulate the very foundations of physical reality

Douglas Monroe has been involved in practical Earth magick since his first apprenticeship at age 10. As a boy, he studied classical Magic under the guidance of Israel Regardie, and has studied and taught in the United States, in Britain, and in Argentina. He is founder of the New Forest Centre for Magickal Studies and he has made many excursions to Celtic Britain to collect original materials on Druidism and Arthurian Lore. His method of teaching — here seemingly presented as tales of magic and adventure — has many precedents in the Wisdom Teachings of the East and West, but most truly in the Druidic Tradition that he has followed, and of which he is a foremost exponent.

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