Teen Witch by Silver RavenWolf


ISBN 1-56718-725-0

Llewellyn, First Edition, Fourth Printing, 1999

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Wicca / Magick / Personal Empowerment

So You Wanna Be a Witch?

Come on, you know that you’d look glamorous and powerful in black … that lighting candles and calling spirits would give you an aura of mystery … that life would be better if only you could turn your history teacher into a jiggling mound of orange (or maybe lime) Jello.

Well, this book is here to let you know that wearing black clothing and threatening people with hexes and curses won’t make you a Witch. In fact, neither will joining a coven or being initiated.

What this book will show you is that how you live, how you deal with others and how you incorporate Wiccan laws into your life determines whether or not you are a true Witch.

So, what are Wiccan laws? How do you get started? And when can you start casting spells?

Silver RavenWolf, one of today’s most popular Wiccan writers, gives you your own handbook on what it takes and what it means to be a real Witch — principles of belief, traditions, symbols, holidays, rituals and more. From vital background information on the Craft to spells for homework and dating, this book contains everything you need to become a pentacle-wearing, spell-casting, completely authentic Witch!

Silver RavenWolf (Pennsylvania) has been interested in the magickal arts since childhood. She’s a Wiccan Priestess, the Director of the International Wiccan/Pagan Press Alliance — and the mother of four young Witches. One of the most well-known Wiccans in the United States today, Silver is the author of To Ride a Silver Broomstick; To Stir a Magick Cauldron; and Angels: Companions in Magick, among others.

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