Sunday School for Witches — Holistic Healing Visualization with Dr. Mellissa Wright


May 1, 2022, 3pm, in-store only.

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Meet and Dialogue with Your Higher Self

Learn HOW to meet and interact with your Higher Self through multi-sensory visualizations that engaged the whole mind, body, and spirit. Journeying is a form of astral projection and meditation that allow you to tap into your own inner consciousness and get the guidance you need the most any day, anytime, anywhere.

Dr. Mellissa Wright, OIM, CLC, Doctor of Sociology, Interfaith Minister, and Internationally Certified Spiritual Life Coach—In 2005, I began to learn Shamanic Journeying. In 2006, I took the Buddhist Five Precepts. From there I have traveled a sometimes bumpy and frightening path to holistic healing. Then in 2016, I was adopted by an interfaith community who broadened my faith even further. Today, the physical scars remind me of how far I have come. Determined to heal and remaining steadfast in my spiritual journey I have spent the last 17 years going deeper and deeper into my practices, my own subconscious, and my divine connection in order to heal myself.

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