Spiritual Counseling by Lord Solinox Silverstar

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A full chakra balancing session with prescriptive remedies (remedies sold separately).

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Lord Solinox Silverstar is a third-degree High PriestX in the WISE-ATC Tradition of Wicca and a graduate and teacher of the Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary. A witch by nature and practicing Wiccan for three decades, Solinox will get to the heart of your questions and concerns with Tarot, runes, and more.

Spiritual Counseling sessions are $60 and can take up to 60 minutes. These sessions include a more extensive look into your spiritual concerns, divination, and a chakra balancing prescription that may include stones, colors, essential oils, and more. Spiritual Counseling is an excellent way to jump start your spiritual healing path!

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Divination Reading, Spiritual Counseling

2 reviews for Spiritual Counseling by Lord Solinox Silverstar

  1. Sinnead Ali

    I love that the 5 elements were involved with the reading, it gave a sense of wholeness that I’ve not experienced with reading before. I felt very comfortable sharing why I was looking for guidance and felt like I was really heard. Highly recommend and I am so grateful for you sharing your time ✨

  2. Karen Schrauben (verified owner)

    I enjoyed talking with Solinox, she’s a good listener and understood what I was asking for help with. The spiritual prescription she gave me is easy to follow, it makes sense, and it works! Very happy, thank you so much!

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