Practical Guide to Psychic Self-Defense by Denning & Phillips


ISBN 978-0-87542-190-2

Llewellyn, Third Edition, Ninth Printing, 2012

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New Age / Psychic Development / ESP

Switch On Your Psychic Protection

In our overextended and stressed-out culture, we are constantly subjected to psychic stress. You can keep this “psychic warfare” from taking its toll on you by energizing your natural protective force field: your aura. This book tells you how to develop your aura into a powerful shield, and presents simple, step-by-step techniques to:

  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Protect against accidents and physical aggression
  • Revitalize your psyche and wipe out stress
  • Defend yourself, your children, your home, and your pets from physical danger and psychic drain

Energize your aura to safeguard your psychic and physical well-being — and radiate a new confidence, vitality, and strength.

Other Llewellyn titles by Denning and Phillips include: Practical Guide to Astral Projection; Practical Guide to Creative Visualization; Practical Guide to Psychic Powers; Astral Projection Kit; and Mysteria Magica.

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