Odal Rune Necklace


Pewter, 0.75″ tall. Comes with 33″ cord and informational card. Shows the rune on one side, with its name and basic meaning on the reverse.

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Odal — The Ancestors

The Rune of the ancestors is also the Rune of home, possessions and inheritance, as well as the lines of blood that give life to each person. It also signifies the communities that we belong to, and the traditions that produce them. It invokes the sense of home and hearth that the northern Europeans so admire. In this, it implies prosperity, abundance, and open, warm hospitality. The Rune of the ancestors is a Rune of protection and family. Let there be fuel for the fire, warm dry clothes and food enough for all. This Rune, and the energy it invokes, seems to call for a circle of protection around that which is most nourishing to the human heart. Our homes and families.

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