Northern Mysteries & Magick by Freya Aswynn


ISBN 978-1-56718-047-3

Llewellyn, Second Edition 1998, Fourteenth Printing 2016

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Magick / Runes / Mythology

“The wind that movesĀ Northern Mysteries & Magick is the breath of Odin its roots lie deep in the European tradition. The book is a classic contribution to the lore of the Runes.” — Diana L. Paxson, Elder, Ring of Troth; author of theĀ Wodan’s Children trilogy

“Fresh, different, insightful, and delightful, Freya’s book provides a sorely needed woman’s perspective on the runes.” — Prudence O. Priest, Rune Gild Coordinator, American Vinland Association, California Vinland Alliance & Freya’s Folk Elder, C.O.G. & Ring of Troth

“A rare and valuable epiphany.” — Seingaoth Vafudar, PagaNet News

“In every chapter we get the benefit of her singular dedication and research, her extensive experience as a runic practitioner, and her deep intuitive awareness to clearly define the tradition and relate the ancient writings to modern circumstance.” — Ragnar, Denali Institute of the Northern Tradition

Northern Mysteries & Magick is the revised edition of the classic Leaves of Yggdrasil, with an updated and expanded section on the feminine Mysteries.

Freya Aswynn is one of England’s foremost authorities on the runes and their history. A dedicated priestess of Wodan and the old religion of the North, she has experience in divination, counseling, and healing with the runes.

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