Mudras For Awakening The Energy Body


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40 cards measure 4.25″ x 5″, Box measures 4.5″ x 5.25″

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This deluxe set of 40 colorful cards presents 7 chakras and 33 mudras chosen for their ability to focus energy and expand consciousness. By directing breath and awareness, these mudra hand poses can deliver numerous benefits for both physical and emotional wellness. The cards present inspirational artwork on one side with instructions on the other side, so they can be used for yoga and meditation classes, on-the-go stress relief, or daily affirmations. The 112-page illustrated guidebook offers instructions for the poses, information about their health benefits, and guided meditations for putting mudras into the practice.

Sabina Espinet is a multi-cultural artist based in Colorado whose work is influenced by nature, mythology and spiritualism.

Alison DeNicola is a Connecticut-based yoga and meditation teacher and energy healer.

Read about how Mudras can benefit you here.

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