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Moldavite is a glass formed when a meteorite crashed into Europe approximately 14.8 million years ago. Scientists are uncertain whether it is formed from terrestrial minerals, extraterrestrial minerals, or some mixture of the two. Regardless, it was formed during one of the most powerful explosive events on the planet, and it carries that energy in its very structure.

Associated with storms and strong energy fields, moldavite is an extremely powerful stone that helps with revitalization and acceleration along one’s personal path in this incarnation. It is transformative and cleansing, but it can be violent and traumatic in its effects (just like the impact that created it). Moldavite is especially good at healing spiritual trauma and wounds to the chakra-aura system, but it does not work on physical healing.

Despite its current rise in popularity on TikTok and social media, moldavite is extremely rare (and therefore valuable!), and fakes abound online. Our moldavite comes from a trusted supplier, and we price ours based solely on our cost.

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