Mindful Intentions by Janine Wilburn


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For both the good days and the difficult ones, this comforting guided journal helps manage pain and overwhelming stress by utilizing hope, gratitude, joy, and mindfulness.

Based on scientific research in neuroplasticity and created from a personal place in the author’s life, Mindful Intentions is designed to address the unique needs of people living with chronic illness or with chronic pain. This book is carefully organized into ten sections to provide comfort as well as teach the tools to build resiliency—the ability to survive what seems devastating, as well as the ability to move through the challenges of daily life. Creative prompts and engaging questions provide space for private reflection, and pain-reducing activities help bring levity and kindness to your life. There are also inspirational quotes sprinkled throughout to guide your journey through the book, and included at the back is a list of helpful resources.

In both lighter moments and in more challenging circumstances, use this journal as a reminder to take a deep breath and find the strength and peace in your own life.

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