Magical Needlework by Dorothy Morrison


ISBN 1-56718-470-7

Llewellyn, First Edition, First Printing, 1998

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Crafts — New Age / Needlework / Personal Growth

35 ways to spark your creative spirit

With the patterns in this book, you will soon be creating magically charged items that bring helpful, positive energy to your home and your life. Once you get started, you can’t help but turn even the most mundane craft project into a magical masterpiece. You get:

  • 35 hands-on projects, some with full-size patterns that you can trace directly from the book
  • Descriptions of 12 different embroidery stitches, 9 magically symbolic patchwork designs, 28 crochet and knitting stitches, and 11 magically symbolic quilt designs
  • An overview of the origins and folklore associated with each of the crafts described
  • How to do natural dyeing with herbs, flowers, bark and roots
  • An introduction to the ancient arts of spinning and weaving

“Everything you need to know to turn your needlework into magic! This book has a variety of wonderful projects with an Earth religion theme and includes valuable recommendations on how to imbue them with power.” — InaRae Ussack, editor of Craft/Crafts Magazine

Dorothy Morrison (Missouri) is the founder of the Coven of the Crystal Garden and teaches the Craft of Georgian Wicca to students in seven states and Australia. She was trained in the arts of the needle at an early age.

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