Magic of the Celtic Otherworld by Steve Blamires


ISBN 978-0-7387-0657-3

Llewellyn, First Edition, Seventh Printing, 2009

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New Age / Wicca & Paganism / Celtic

Wondrous Stories and Magical Practices from the Celtic Otherworld

Explore a marvelous world of glamoury: the Celtic Otherworld of shadow and Sidhe, a realm where everything that ever was, is, or will be, exists right now.

The Celts had a life-affirming, mystical way of living, in tune with the forces of Nature and magic. Drawing upon Irish Celtic spiritual tradition, history, literature, and myth, this tried and true guidebook (formerly titled Glamoury) offers a holistic system that will help you reconnect with this enchanting realm — the Green World of the Celts.

Magic of the Celtic Otherworld presents techniques for becoming attuned to the life forces of the Green World through seasonal rituals, visualizations, and practical magical workings. Learn how to find your way around the Otherworld, and gain an understanding of how each of us constantly shapes and affects the land on which we live. Most importantly, discover how to make contact with inhabitants of the Otherworld in order to deepen your spiritual practice and enrich your everyday life.

Steve Blamires was born in Ayr, Scotland, and is one of the foremost Celtic scholars in the world. He is a cofounder of The Company of Avalon, a working magical group offering an in-depth training in the Western Mystery Tradition. He leads spiritual tours to many of the sacred sites of Northern Europe. He has written numerous articles for publications in both the U.K. and U.S., and is the author of the book Celtic Tree Mysteries: Practical Druid Magic & Divination.

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