Love Is In The Earth — Mineralogical Pictorial by Melody and Jim Hughes


ISBN 0-9628190-2-6

Earth-Love Publishing, Third Printing, 1995

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Internationally known bestselling author of the “Love Is In The Earth …” series, Melody was born in Cumberland, MD, holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Arts degree in mathematics, and is a scientist residing in the Rocky Mountain Region. Her extensive understanding of the mineral kingdom has led to world-wide interest and requests for her to share the knowledge. She has traveled extensively throughout the world, conducting comprehensive crystal workshops, private consultations, and awareness seminars. As a sequel to her first two books, and due to the multitude of requests for photographs of the minerals discussed, this pictorial was compiled to illustrate¬†typical examples of mineral specimens available from our Earth. As the Age Of Love continues, Melody is assisting others to recognize the perfection of All That Is.

Born in Sumter, South Carolina, most of Jim Hughes younger years encompassed life in the outdoors, where he devoted many hours to his creative and original photography. Jim currently resides in Aurora, Colorado where he originated and established the “Footprints” Fine Photography Studio. He is a graduate of the US Army Signal Photography School, the New York Institute of Photography, and the West German Leica School of Photography, and has studied with many world-renowned photographers. He has been teaching the art and science of photography since 1985. Jim’s photography has been displayed throughout the US and Germany. His love of, and expertise in, fine photography envelops the world of nature, the sacred, and the terrestrial.

Said to the THE Most Extensive mineralogical pictorial published to-date.

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