Lignum Vitae Wand


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Lignum Vitae is an exceptionally powerful magical wood. Being startlingly durable and strong, with a heavy weight and impressive hardness, Lignum Vitae is so dense it can sink in water. Known by other names, including “Guayacan,” Greenheart,” and “Iron Wood,” the name Lignum Vitae itself means “wood of life.” This is perhaps due to the fact that it is well known as a powerful aid in preserving health, and can be a potent component in spells with such an intention. Its sturdy properties are also reflected in the potency it can lend to spells of protection. This pagan wand captures a traditional feel and style, measuring approximately 14″ in length. Crafted by hand to reflect the natural beauty and grain of the wood, each wand will vary slightly from all others.

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