Ken Rune Necklace


Pewter, 0.75″ tall. Comes with 33″ cord and informational card. Shows the rune on one side, with its name and basic meaning on the reverse.

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Ken — The Torch

The torch of this Rune burns from within. It burns with the fires of creativity, spirituality, curiosity, of sexual passion and the divine discontent that pushes the mystic forward. The presence of the torch is like that of the adolescent exuberance; powerful, joyous, and filled with the desired to do things. The Rune of the torch counsels one to feel one’s strength and power. To flex one’s inner muscles: those of mind, thought, creativity, and consciousness. This Rune counsels one: create your own reality. And to do it in a way that feels creative. Above all of this, this Rune means the fire of spiritual illumination. To burn so brightly that one’s illusions are burned away. One of this Rune’s meanings is also that the way to this illumination can be on the path of creativity and playfulness.

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