Horns of Honor by Frederick Thomas Elworthy


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Regaining the Spirit of the Pagan Horned God

A Classic and Invaluable Text Reintroduced for the Pagan Community

For the modern Pagan and Witchcraft communities, horns play a major role as a symbol of fertility, power, and protection. Yet there are few books that discuss the significance in a way that makes sense to a practicing Pagan.

Neo-pagan scholar and award-winning author RAVEN GRIMASSI updates one of the few classic texts on horns and horned gods, FREDERICK THOMAS ELWORTHY’S 1900 text,¬†Horns of Honor. GRIMASSI has added a new introduction, footnotes, and commentary to make this extensive overview of animal horns in cultures across time, accessible to the Pagan community.

This revived volume is sure to be welcomed by pagans, folklorists, and witches alike.

About the Author and Editor

FREDERICK THOMAS ELWORTHY (1830-1907) was a noted scholar, folklorist, and antiquarian. His other books include The Evil Eye (1895).

RAVEN GRIMASSI is a neo-pagan scholar and the author of 17 books about witchcraft and the occult. He is an avid researcher or folklore and folk magic practices, particularly in European cultures. He is currently the co-director of Elder of the Ash, Birch, and Willow System of Old World Witchery. Visit him at www.ravengrimassi.net.

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