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When you just can’t think of that perfect gift, hand-knit socks are the gift of choice! Made to order, these are one-of-a-kind artisan creations. Place a custom order, and put your color preferences in the comments at checkout.

Featuring yarns from Stardust Fiber Studio!

Why would anybody pay $120 for a pair of socks?

  • These socks are warmer than your typical machine-made socks. They will also last much longer; I have hand-knit socks that are over 10 years old and still wearable.
  • The yarn alone for a pair of hand-knit socks can be as much as $20. This is usually sock yarn, which is soft, warm wool that has been specially treated to be machine washable, spun together with a tiny bit of nylon to help the sock wear longer.
  • A basic, vanilla pair of socks can take Solinox 10-12 hours to knit, knitting at a much faster-than-average speed of 60 stitches/minute. Socks featuring cables and intricate lacework and beading can take up to 25 hours per pair. How much is your time worth?

Each pair of socks is a unique creation, blending your preferences with Solinox’s skill and knowledge to create a product that will warm your toes and delight your heart. Indulge yourself today or pick up something special for somebody special in your life!

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Plain, Ribbed leg, Patterned leg/foot, Cabled

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