Gummy Bear Tarot


ISBN 978-1-57281-471-4
78 cards, 2.375″ x 3.75″ Tin, 2.625″ x 4.125″

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“Gummy Bears are a tradition enjoyed by generations. Who better to turn to for inspiration or a new outlook on life?”

These adorable creatures have been transformed into unique renditions of the 78 Major and Minor Arcana based on the traditional Rider-Waite tarot images.  The bears cast their magic spells, wield their wands, and delight in reaching out to people through their mischievous imagery in the cards. Gummy Bear Tarot comes packaged in a versatile tin and includes booklet of instructions. This is a pocket-sized deck.

The artist Dietmar Bittich is of German descent but grew up in Canada. Bittrich found inspiration in the great outdoors where he jokingly says the last of the wild Gummy Bears might still exist. He coins himself “The Gummy Bear Oracle.”

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