Fizzing Bath Bombs


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Our bath bombs are created in small batches and are made with natural ingredients. This allows you to enjoy a nice relaxing bath with a fizzing wonder that releases the essential oil or essential oil blend to create a wonderful aromatherapy experience, while the shea butter and sweet almond oil help to soothe and soften your skin. Our bath bombs are made of baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, sea salt, shea butter, and sweet almond oil infused with our essential oils.

To enjoy our wondrous bath bomb fill a bath with warm to hot water and simply drop the bomb into the water and watch the fizz. For best results soak for about 30 minutes.

Ingredients: Citric Acid, Baking Soda, Corn Starch, Sea Salt, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Essential Oils ().

*** Caution shea butter and sweet almond oils while softening and hydrating for the skin will cause your tub to become slippery so take caution while entering and exit the bath.

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