Elemental Power by Amber Wolfe


ISBN 1-56718-807-9

Llewellyn, First Edition, Third Printing, 1998

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Magic / Shamanism / Celtic Druidism / Myths & Legends

The Gifts of Faerie

Discover a constant source of enlightenment and self-realization, either solitary or in a group, through the ground breaking techniques for self transformation revealed in Elemental Power.

Call forth the dragons and feel the power within the Earth as you explore the Faerie path through the Otherworld where the elements, deities of Nature, and the Faerie reside.

Elemental Power bridges ancient Celtic Druidic Tradition with modern transpersonal psychology. Bold and imaginative guided journeys take you back through the mists of time to the world of the ancient Celts. Elemental Power is an innovative and experiential approach to Celtic consciousness and the magick of the natural world.

Rich with mythological information and psychological insight, Elemental Power is your guide to the mysteries and magick of the Celtic Faerie Craft. Packed full of history, how-to information, visualization techniques, hand-on Craft knowledge, and personal anecdotes, this book is an invaluable resource.

Reawaken your connection to the natural world through traditional ceremonies, guided journeys, and unique exercises that lead you to a direct connection with the elemental forces of Nature. Experience the strength and purity of fire, the emotional alchemy of water, the profound reality of earth, the awareness of air, and the transcendent mystery of spirit.

Amber Wolfe is an educator and psychotherapist in private practice. She is also a Ban Drui — a wise woman who works with both the Craft and knowledge of her Celtic heritage as well as Native American sacred teachings. Her previous Llewellyn books are In the Shadow of the Shaman, Personal Alchemy, and The Arthurian Quest.

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