Eh Rune Necklace


Pewter, 0.75″ tall. Comes with 33″ cord and informational card. Shows the rune on one side, with its name and basic meaning on the reverse.

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Eh — The Horse

The Rune of the horse represents transportation and movement, as well as teamwork and effort. It points to the way of cooperation and accomplishment. It is also the Rune of ideal bonds like those of business partnerships, marriages, contracts, and friendships. This is an outward-looking Rune, one that speaks of being in the world effectively, and of making things happen. It counsels being engaged with the world and meeting it head-on, together with those around you. The world, with all of its activity, can bring out the very best in people at times. This Rune, with its extra meaning, tells us to accept the changing and unpredictable world as a part of ourselves. Like the wild horse and the wind, we can enjoy the turbulence our relationships with others sometimes creates. And the creativity it can nurture in us.

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