Deva Fairy Queen Athame


Add a little fae energy to your ritual workings!

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Great for those fae at heart, this ritual athame makes for a wonderful addition to your tools for your rituals and ceremonies. Measuring approximately 9″ long, it has a black-painted wooden handle shaped to fit quite comfortably against your palm, with its pommel and cross guard accented in gold-toned metal. The blade itself is double edged and of classic design, measuring just over 5″ long with a long ridge along its center. What truly makes it shine for your ritual purposes, though, is the pewter fairy, which accents the base of the blade. With butterfly wings and a delicate, sensual demeanor, she is the embodiment of the titillating glamour of the fairy folk.

Coming with a sheath that allows you to fix the athame to your belt or cingulum, this piece is perfect either for your woodland ceremony or for that ritual you craft over your altar at home.

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