Dag Rune Necklace


Pewter, 0.75″ tall. Comes with 33″ cord and informational card. Shows the rune on one side, with its name and basic meaning on the reverse.

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Dag — The Daybreak

The Rune of the daybreak is the Rune of dawnings of all kinds. The dawn of wisdom and understanding, the dawn of a new day, and the appearance of insight. The metaphor is simple. Just as the first shaft of some light in the morning transforms the scene around us, so also, can a single insight or new understanding change one’s perception of the world. In this, it is evocative of childhood, with its endless discoveries. This Rune invites us to look at the new things in our lives, as well as encouraging us to be more open to them. More deeply, it invites us to find new perspectives on the things we have long grown accustomed to; to drop the mental habits that make us and the world we live in seem old. Life is tiresome or dreary only when we choose to see it that way. The Rune of the daybreak counsels us to see the alternatives that are always available.

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