Crone’s Book of Magical Words by Valerie Worth


ISBN 1-56718-825-7

Llewellyn, Second printing, 2000

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Magic / Folklore / Rituals

Chant the ancient words of magic…

Within these pages are the words your great-great grandmother might have spoken when she wanted to please the household spirits, fashion a love charm, or bring the rain to her garden. Women of old worked their magic with the help of nature: wind, sun, water, and stone. Crone’s Book of Magical Words captures this magic of the heart, which sings in a woman’s voice and is shaped with a woman’s hands.

Practice the wisdom of centuries past with the 128 incantations, spells, potions, and charms in this book. Clear ghosts from a haunted house, break a curse, enchant the one you desire, see the future. Discover magic for every heart’s purpose and every season. Speak the ancient words of magic … and find the power all women were born with.

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