Ceremonies For Life by Michael Jordan


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CEREMONIES FOR LIFE touches on our growing desire to find a more natural approach to life. For many of us, the society in which we live no longer provides meaningful or individual rituals, so we are looking to alternative ceremonies instead. Internationally acclaimed author, Michael Jordan, presents a practical guide to celebrating major life events, as well as the changing rhythms of nature and our place in the universe. From conducting an alternative wedding to planting a tree for the birth of a baby, this book is packed with inspirational ideas for practical rituals that draw upon the rich folk traditions of both Eastern and Western cultures.

  • Covers all the stages of life, including birth, naming rituals, marriage and burials
  • Presents practical advice on how, why and where to conduct a ritual or ceremony
  • Includes the cycle of nature, with midsummer and equinox celebrations
  • Features rituals for our daily lives, including purifying and healing ceremonies

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