Cacao Ceremony with Michigan Danto


April 10, 2022, 3pm, in-store only.

Recommended: Bring your own hot beverage mug and a spoon for stirring.

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Join Michigan Danto as she leads us in a ceremony honoring the Spirit of the sacred cacao bean! The Spirit of Cacao is a feminine spirit, a nature spirit.  She is a spirit of peace, of kindness, love, joy, and communication. She is a medicine of the soul. The Spirit of Cacao was said to have been brought to the Mayan people of South America by the goddess Ixcacao, a fertility goddess of agriculture.

Michigan Danto considers herself a born healer. Professionally a nurse (RN), she is certified through the University of New Mexico as a Curandera (traditional healer using latino cultural techniques). Michigan Danto began her pagan adventures in a society of voodoo practitioners. While she continues to work with the voodoo lwa (spirits), she also considers herself christo-pagan. She is a hoodoo/rootworker and enjoys working with herbs and plants; wildcrafting natural plants for teas, medicinal uses, and even just for dinner.

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