Astrological Natal Charts by Autumn Rose

Payment due at time of service 30 minutes

Natal chart readings by Autumn Rose, $20 for 30 minutes. Payment expected at time of service.

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Autumn Rose is a Pagan Astrologer from Michigan, who specializes in reading Astrological Natal/Birth Charts. She is also a Certified Shinpiden Reiki Master and Herbalist. Autumn runs the Coven of Curiositea on IG, which highlights Celestial Readings, Herbal Remedies & Recipes, and Folk Magic.

Natal/Birth Chart Readings will give you an exquisitely detailed celestial perspective of your personal traits, tendencies and inclinations. It will help explain how you will naturally interpret and react to everyday life scenarios and large scale events. It will open understandings of your deepest desires and aversions. You can use this information to help you process the many layers of life with peace, passion and intention.

“The Story of you is written in the Stars!”

$25 per chart (will take about 30 Minutes)

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