Aradia: Gospel of the Witches by Charles Leland


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If Gerald Brosseau Gardner is the father of the religion that calls itself Wicca, then Charles Godfrey Leland is the grandfather of Witchcraft as a religion in the English-speaking world, and his small book, Aradia, is that religion’s birth-announcement. This 1899 classic has become a foundational document of modern Wicca and is the first work in English in which Witchcraft is portrayed as an underground old religion, surviving in secret from ancient Pagan times.

Introduction by Robert Mathiesen, Brown University

Additional commentary by:

Lori Bruno, Patricia Della-Piana, Jimahl Di Fiosa, Raven Grimassi, Mike Howard, Paul Huson, Judika Iles, Dr. Leo Louis Martello, Christina Oakley Harrington, Christopher Penczak, Andrew Theitic, Donald Weiser and Myth Woodling.

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