A Witches’ Bible by Janet and Stewart Farrar


ISBN 978-0-919345-92-8

Phoenix Publishing, 1981, 1984

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Everything you need to know is here!

  • The Sabbats
  • Casting & Banishing the Magic Circle
  • The Complete Book of Shadows
  • The Great Rite
  • Initiation Rites
  • Consecration Rites
  • Spells
  • Witches’ Tools
  • Witchcraft & Sex
  • Running a Coven
  • Clairvoyance
  • Astral Projection

This collection includes two books in one volume. Eight Sabbats for Witches and The Witches’ Way and is the most comprehensive and revealing work on the principles, rituals and beliefs in modern witchcraft.

Janet & Stewart Farrar, author of many books on witchcraft, regularly toured the USA giving lectures and workshops. Janet currently lives in Ireland.

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