2023 Moon Calendar Card by Kim Long


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See every beautiful moon of 2023 with Kim Long’s classic and handy moon calendar card

  • Sturdy and convenient 10” x 6.75” reference card
  • Front: Lunar calendar with realistic moon images
  • Back: Dates and times of every phase change, eclipse, apogee, and perigee

This is Kim Long’s classic moon calendar, the first of its kind and a fan favorite since 1982. With a graphic, at-a-glance 2023 lunar calendar on the front and easy-to-read, detailed data provided by the US Naval Observatory on the reverse, this handy card is a fun reminder to tack up by your desk or in your garden shed. It also makes a great gift for kids, gardeners, fishermen and sportsmen, sky watchers, and followers of the many faiths that mark time by the Moon.

Whatever your reason for moon watching, you won’t miss a thing with the 2023 Moon Calendar Card!

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Dimensions 10 × 6.75 × .25 in

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